[OT] Overture's Ethernet over bonded Copper products

HI operators,

Been looking at Overture¹s ŒEthernet over Copper¹ product line; any you
folks have any real world experience with them?
Would love to hear off-line the good, bad, ugly stories ­ if you are willing
to share.

Much appreciated.


Can't speak to Overture, but at my last gig, Aktino/Positron gear
worked well for us.


I've been working with them (it's really the Hatteras Networks products)
since before the acquisition. I don't have much to compare to in terms of
experience with the competing products, but I can tell you we've been very
happy with the equipment, and I've heard lots of horror stories from Zhone
customers. Hatteras' support was also phenomenal. I haven't seen any
change yet since the acquisition except we have a different sales guy.

The biggest challenge is that when dealing with 3rd party (iLEC) copper
pairs, you really don't know what you are going to get until you turn up the
circuit. There can also be a lot of fingerpointing when things break
because the circuits you buy from the iLEC are generally cheap and don't
have very high requirements for when the techs test and accept the circuit.

  Hope that helps,