[OT] Lucent max tnt config


I have such a device for configuration on my desk however I'm completely
clueless on how to. Does anyone have an example configuration which I can
use? Please mail me off the list.

Thanks in advance.

Presumably you want to configure it to hammer nails as this is the standard usage for the Max TNT. Simply position a medium-large Lucent consultant on each side of the device, have them grab it by the handles, and lift it approximately 6-12 inches from the work surface. Hold the nail at the correct angle, and instruct your consultants to drop the TNT on the nail (not your hand). Have a third Lucent consultant take your place as you nurse your injured hand. Repeat as desired. Plugging in the power cord is not recommended.

Does anyone have a list of "continental" ip addresses and non-continental
addresses. I realize that ARIN and APNIC and RIPE are available to search
through but I was hoping that someone else had done the work..

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What. The. Hell. Send mail to ayen@uu.net or is it now doug.ayen@wcom.com
and ask him for this information. MO must be rolling in his boat by now.


I'm sure Mr. Ayen won't appreciate that, especially since he's on vacation
at the moment. Not to mention that he is no longer managing the IP group
(he found some other poor sod to do it).

Try http://www.iana.org/assignments/ipv4-address-space
which lists every block IANA has given to everybody. Grep it for your
favorite registry. Puzzle out the non-registry assignments for yourself.

And next time, ask your boss if he knows who might have this kind of