[OT] Level3, 111 8th


Given that our L3 rep is useless for this information, perhaps another
customer of L3 @ 1118th (3rd floor) can help me out.

We are ordering our first cross-connect to the meet-me room since I've
arrived, and I'm wondering how to specify the location to the vendors.
We're dropping a POTS line and a few T1s. Most of the forms I've seen
want a suite number, etc. If anyone can supply that info, I'd be most
grateful. Bonus points for any extra tips about making things go smoothly
in this datacenter. I've heard nasty stories about telcos leaving the
demarc in the basement or somewhere else outside the meet-me room...



FWIW, I'm just going through hell at the moment trying to get a T1 terminated
in there. What I was told to do is just tell the telco the main suite number,
and give them the Level3 customer support centre phone number and tell them
to co-ordinate with them the install.

What seems to have happened is that Bell^WVerizon turned up to do the install,
were "turned away by the customer for trying to use thw wrong mux", and have
sat doing nothing for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping they went back yesterday,
or if not, Monday, but I'm having problems finding out whether they even went
or not!

Anyway, once the circuit is installed, you should get a DLR from the telco,
which *has* to show the exact demarc (suite, row, rack, shelf, ports, etc),
which you then provide to Level3 with a cross connect order. If the DLR is
wrong, expect Level3 to sit on it for a month before coming back saying that
it's wrong.