OT-ish: netsol facist contact info?


Tsk tsk for advertising on Nanog! I believe its against the list Charter. And
$24 per domain? Thats highway robbery these days John. If you arent paying $10
or $11 per domain, why register at all? :wink:

Check out Dotster, Joker, Ghandi, and a ton of other domain registrars for **cheap**
domains. And one can always buy a block from OpenSRS and do as they please.


Um, are you sure you're trying to get through to NANOG? I think you've
been trying to get through to NETSOL.

If you're having problems with them and are worried about losing a domain
because you can't update information, etc, might I suggest you do what
large quantities of others are doing and simply transfer your domain AWAY
from the low life %^&#ards?

You can move your domains to a different registrar fairly simply.




lowcostdomains is not MY company. They're not even a customer of ours. I
don't consider my providing a link to help someone out advertising.