OT-ish: netsol facist contact info?

i've been trying to get through to nanog for months now to do a simple
address change. of course i used their form correctly -- several times, in
fact -- and i've exchanged emails with some lackey on the problem. once i
made the problem clear, communications dropped off sharply. anyone know a
contact with a clue? i'd rather get this done *before* the time runs out and
i lose the name.

thanks much. of course, please respond off-list.


Um, are you sure you're trying to get through to NANOG? I think you've
been trying to get through to NETSOL.

If you're having problems with them and are worried about losing a domain
because you can't update information, etc, might I suggest you do what
large quantities of others are doing and simply transfer your domain AWAY
from the low life %^&#ards?

You can move your domains to a different registrar fairly simply.


netsol is an excellent example of American, braimnless, 24x7 service support which
is useless for the smart people and does exist for the dumb ones.

My example:

Me: I payed extra 35$, can you confirm that domain will be renewed for extra one
year, I does not see it on the whois?
NS: If you did not payed, use our web to pay. If you had _last_ notification,
dismiss it.
Me: I know; but I am asking you about my extra payment - if my friend payed 70$
and I payed 35$ for the same domain, what will really happen?
NS: If you did not payed, you can do it by the web. If you have _fginal_
notification, dismiss it. etc.

goto begin

Just the same as to ask questions to the typewriter...

netsol is an excellent example of American, braimnless, 24x7 service support which
is useless for the smart people and does exist for the dumb ones.

i beg to differ.

while i am hardly the person to defend netsol, i think your comments
are a gross exaggeration and a blind generalization. how big is your
sample set that you are drawing this conclusion from?

i phone netsol 3-4 times a week, for the past 2 years. each time i
do, i get ambiguities straightened out, domains modified manually by
the support person, or the updated report (nic handle report, domain
status report, etc.) that i requested. i call the business support
group, which maybe you don't have access to. (based on the volume of
requests that we process, we are shuffled off to the business

granted, i am often calling because their automated system has lost or
misconstrued my response/request. but when i do talk to their support
team, i am always satisfied. it would be impossible to do business
with them if i could not reach a clueful human who makes everything

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I have personally found that since we have switched to OpenSRS our domain
headaches have gone away. Their resellers interface is easy to use, and has
yet to cause a headache. And as far as their scripts they provide, we don't
even use those.

Anyone looking for a new registrar should seriously consider OpenSRS. That,
and at 10 bucks a pop it's cheaper anyways. :wink:

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When I call support by the phone, and when I have enougph time to talk 10
minutes, explain a problem, repeat _I know how to pay, my problem is another one_,
yes, sometimes support can help. problem is tjhat phone support is good for USA
only, and only for thiose who knopw English well. Yes, I can call them now (when I
am living here), now try to do it from another country.

They are Internet company, not USA company... It's a difference. And such support
is 99% useless for anyone except American sysadmins... If they was MacDonalds. it
could be another issue... For Internet company, their support is brainless one!