OT: Increasing Cell Phone Signal inside a NOC?

I'm sure a lot of people have the same problem as we are having... Our

NOC and Server Equipment is located in "No Cell Phone signal" zone of our
building >(It's amazing what metal walls, Server Racks and HVAC Systems
will do to Cellphone Signals). I was wondering if anyone out there has
found a device that >will be able to repeat the Cell Phone signal back
into our NOC & Server Area's???

You need an LDAP server to fix this ;->
Uhm, if your cellphone provider supports call forwarding to another number
when the phone is outside of signal range, then you could set up an
in-house cordless phone system and everyone could set up their cell to
forward to their cordless phone. Talk to any local company selling PBXs
and office phone systems for more info on office-wide cordless phone

This will work because the transmitters are inside the metal walls and
they can be placed to work around obstructions like HVAC or racks.

--Michael Dillon

P.S. of course, my first answer might have been right too... http://www.innmug.org/information/switchview.html
Replace the cordless phone system with 802.11b and VOIP and some LDAP
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One suggestion I haven't seen yet: simply complain. Your cellular
service provider may install a new base station in the area if enough
people ask them to. Here in Europe, there is 1800 MHz digital service
nearly everywhere in and around cities, as long as you're above ground.
I haven't encountered a building yet that could kill an otherwise strong
signal. It's only when the signal is mediocre to marginal anyway that
thick walls will kill it.

We use an in building cellular system. We have microhubs placed in our
hubrooms on the campus. Then there are antenna's placed around the inside of
the building that use cat5 cabling back to the microhub. The microhub sends
the signal back to the main hub that then connects to the cellular provider.

It is actually a very nice set up. The production areas we have are very
similiar to a NOC situation and by placing an antenna inside of the encased
area it would provide you with a solution.


This is very true and sometimes it works. Even for the small customers.
I had a problem with Nextel that required Engineering to come to my house
and do some site surveys. Nextel determined that had chosen a poor site
for one of their towers and they decided to put another tower on the
planning board. So sometimes just one person complaining can help.