OT: Give blood

This is a call to every able bodied person out there, please go out and give
blood as soon as you can, to help all those injured people on the east coast.

Red Cross - 1-888-BLOOD-88, www.redcross.org

I've also heard that 1-800-GIVE-LIFE reaches them.


In the SF Bay Area, blood banks are asking people to ONLY visit
  today if you've got an appointment. It's probably similar in
  other areas.

  Quite heartening to see so much support, though.

There are two places near San Francisco that you can give blood, one is the
Peninsula Blood Center at 1791 El Camino Real in Burlingame, and the other is
at 270 Masonic in SF. (I don't remember the name of the SF one). I was at
Peninsula earlier today, there is an approximately 2.5-4 hour wait to give
blood there. The best bet is to go there, fill out paperwork and then go
back later today or tomorrow to donate.


There is a craigslist page
that gives very extensive info on blood donations and locations in
and outside of SF.

I have a few links and Numbers on my site also any help is appreciated.