OT: BdNOG announces website blocks

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> Md. abdullah Al naser mail.naserbd at yahoo.com
> Wed Nov 18 12:56:15 BDT 2015
> The service of Facebook, Viber and Whatsapp are
> blocked from now till further notice. It has been
> ordered by Begum Tarana Halim, State Minister, Post
> and Telecommunications.
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> I just saw this on BdNOG and thought it might be
> interesting to others here and where some of the
> internet is headed...
> Wow, all of these govt's just can't seem to deal
> with not being able to completely control *everything*
> about the populace.
> So, in Bangladesh, no communicating with your social
> peers, no free calls, text or picture sharing and no
> mobile messaging. The new State Minister for Post
> and Telecommunications in Bangladesh wants her money.
> It'd be interesting to hear how they're attempting
> to make it happen.

From: Grant Ridder <shortdudey123@gmail.com>

Any idea if this includes Instagram as well since it is
a Facebook asset?

No idea. I am seeing this want of govt's everywhere.
Australia, China, US, BD, etc, etc. It makes me want
to get hosed off with disinfectant.

And the Australian PM boasted about using apps which encrypted
traffic to avoid surveillance before he became PM. Perhaps he
should be locked up as a terrorist.