[OT?] Anyone else been contacted by networkequipment.net after commenting here?

So I decided to respond to a message earlier - was the first time in quite a while on the NANOG list. Like, we're talking maybe 3-6 months since my last post?

This afternoon I get an e-mail from Brad Lovelace <brad@networkequipment.net> asking me if I have cisco, juniper, etc to sell to his company, claimed I have done business with him before (even though I've never sold any equipment to them, nor have we ever communicated before - my e-mail archives go back to 1996 or so).

Isn't the first time I've been contacted by a networking gear vendor after they 'mysteriously' got my e-mail address (shortly after I posted a comment here) as someone who was interested in their wares.

We may have someone scraping e-mail addresses and names from the nanog list - don't suppose the mods might be so gracious enough to look at the sub list and see if anyone from networkequipment.net is on here?

Sorry in advance to go somewhat OT.


I got the same spam from Brad and actually have Cat trash to offload,
so I iterated SKUs and counts, and his reply: