OSS Netflow that can use EngineID


Before I go down a source code path, I wanted to get your input.

I have some Linux routers I’ve built that use lots of GRE tunnels. I use ipt-netflow to export flow traffic to a collector. The issue is it seems to randomly pick an interface address and export from that. If we add a tunnel interface, it can randomly switch to that interface for exporting.

I’ve played with nfsen for collection/display, but it defines a source based on IP. Since the source IP of the exporter can change, this poses a problem

ipt-netflow supports EngineID, but not a specific export IP.
nfsend supports a specific export IP, but not EngineID.

It seems like the solution is EngineID since we could wire it down. Does anyone know of a solution to that will pull in based on EngineID and separate it that way before I chomp in to source code of one or the other patch it to support the other.