orkut dns?

i smell a hijack. the correct data are on google's servers.

... or a transfer that the registry didn't handle so well.

% whois -h whois.markmonitor.com orkut.com

shows data consistent with the display below. The ?.gtld-servers.net
servers are apparently still pointing to nameservers of the former

...or an issue with the zone's former authoritative name servers. The
registry acts as directed by the registrars and taking the proper
steps to keep the zone on the air throughout a transfer is ultimately
the responsibility of the domain owner. In many cases this is a
non-issue because the transfer happens without any change to the
domain's (zone's, really) authoritative name servers. In this case, a
change to the name servers followed on the heels of the transfer.

The domain orkut.com was indeed transferred from one registrar to
another. About 20 hours elapsed between when the transfer happened
(i.e., control of the domain changed from one registrar to another)
and when the new registrar changed the authoritative name servers
(i.e., directed us to put a new orkut.com NS RRset in the com zone).

Randy's message from 6 May at 11:44 EDT containing dig output is the
closest thing we have to a time machine to understand what happened
DNS-wise. Those queries were made during the 20-hour window when the
domain was under control of the new registrar but when the name
servers had not yet been changed. For reasons unknown, the former
name servers were no longer authoritative for orkut.com (according to
Randy's dig output). The registry has no connection with provisioning
of authoritative name service for orkut.com.