Original peering policies (com-priv archives?)

Has anyone kept an archive of the various peering policies different
providers had over the years?

For example, Sean Doran published Sprint's peering policy on COM-PRIV
a number of years ago. And I believe the original peering policy on
the CIX router included an "AUP-Free" clause, that no provider would
impose an acceptable use policy on traffic between the providers. Or
how could I forget ANS's original CO+RE settlment plan (i.e. everyone
pays ANS). But I'm just going from memory, and some of those brain cells
aren't as young as they were.

I'm interested in seeing a timeline and evolution of policies over the
last 10 years. I know some have changed.

As was previously noted on this mailing list, ours appear at:

Level 3's guidelines appear at:

Also, then-current interconnection policies were filed with the FCC last
year by UUNet and Sprint, and in 1998 by UUNet and internetMCI, in
conjunction with their respective attempted mergers. They are tricky to
find, but the last time that I checked they were all still available on the
FCC's electronic document system at www.fcc.gov. See, for instance:




- Scott