Optical bypass switches (Re: MAE-East still no generator)

This is funny, I did loose my IBGP peers, maybe the MFS provided
IDSU is on AC power... -:slight_smile:

It wouldn't hurt to check. When doing a physical check of our facilities
in the past, we've discovered MFS had installed some AC powered equipment
on our rack. Other telco's have done the same thing. If you have an
AC outlet too close to your rack, I've noticed even the telco techs
don't like messing with DC power and plug things into the wall.

A thought I just had. How many folks have optical bypass switches on
their fddi connections? If a enough providers' equipment fail without
bypassing, the ring can get partitioned into different sections which
might explain some of this. Supposedly DRA's router is plugged into
the gigaswitch, but I don't have a gigaswitch manual to check what
happens with ring partitions.