OPM Data Breach - Whitehouse Petition - Help Wanted

Harry Hoffman hhoffman at ip-solutions.net wrote:

I think it would be great if you were to include some source links in
your petition/email so that folks unaware of the specifics can educate
themselves in a non-partisan and factual manner.

Well, as regards to the petition itself, I can't because now it is
cast in stone and can't be edited, I think, which is too bad, because
I slightly misspelled the lady's name. It is Katherine Archuleta,
not Katherine Archueta. :frowning:

But more to the point, they only give you a VERY limited number of
characters to state what your petition is asking for, so there's
really not room for much in the way of links within the petition

But elsewise, I'll give a few good links here, but really if you just
go to Google News and search for "OPM breach" you will find one hell
of a lot of VERY fresh news reports.