Operations training materials

> The Internet is constantly changing, and in order to keep up, an operator
> *must* understand new RFCs and mailing list discussion *as they occur*.

> There's no time to wait for some to write a book simplifying things for you...

Not a book, more like a table of contents with introductory summaries.
Consider that most new ISP's don't even know what IETF is, don't know
what NANOG is, have never heard of BGP, etc....

Humm, I do remember repeated and consistant posting to the inet-access list
with NANOG and IETF agendas, mtg times, and list information. This also went
to the small-providers list and on at least one occasion to a couple of BBS
USENET groups.

On at least one of those occasions the person making the query was a M.Dillon
and a Bill Manning replied. I have noted that there has not been much of
a followup in those fora to let the "newbies" know when the next NANOG mtg
is and that they are encouraged to attend. Time to dust off the distribution
list again.

Class is in session, time to do homework! Here is a list of reading/reference
materials that will be used this term. Note that it will be modified as
the term progresses.

(Go for it. Geoff has volunteered space and assistance)