Operational Issues with

> I wouldn't be surprised to see this picked up in the Cook Report and


> of the trade press because of your postings. The more people become


> of how the system is broken, the sooner we can fix it.

People actually read that?

Yes. The people who don't read NANOG do read the Cook Report and the trade
press. If you want to reach everyone in charge of operating a network then
you need to use more media than just NANOG.

A simple solution:
1) IANA creates an IANA-RESERVED IRR object
2) Entities switch to using this for their filters, and the
updates happen automagically

This is essentially what I am suggesting except using LDAP rather than
RADB/IRR technology. I don't believe that RADB will ever be used by the
majority of North American network operators but I do believe that LDAP
has a chance of 100% penetration in the same way that 100% of network
operators use UNIX servers and scripting languages in their network

--Michael Dillon