Operational Issues with

Hello Everyone,

I appreciate all of the discussion regarding this issue. Nothing has
changed. This is getting worse. We spoke to one network on Friday that
said they had cleared the problem, yet our users still can't go there.

For those of you that feel this is not anyone's problem, and that the
internet should just "work it out";

I hereby challenge one of you to trade CIDRs with us. You take this ARIN assigned us and you go spend your valuable time,
resources, and money working out what seems to be "nobody's problem".
Also, if you would like to come over and answer the support calls and
explain to our customers why the competitor's networks can reach these
sites, but ours can't. Hey - after all, it's just CIDR - it's all the
same, right?

Ok, you give back the address space to the RIR and get a /19 from your
provider. There, problem solved.