Operational Issues with (fwd)

LDAP is where this kind of technology is going, I agree. But until such
time as this is deployed, we'll still be using email and publishing
information on the website. It can also be noted that those that create
filters, have to get the information from somewhere - they most likely got
it from email and website and these are the places where updates should go
(and on websites listing currently allocated blocks, there should be BIG
notice that information here will change and those using it should come
back and check on it every few months)

Also in my view it is responsibility of whever has the filters to keep
them updated - they are taking a chance that this might not remove
legitimate traffic (and take their time to create and deply the filter)
and so they should have the time to maintain the same filter.

In my view the whole point of discussion here was that 1 month is NOT
enough for everybody involved to know about new block being made available
for allocations by RIR. What has been suggeted which is good is to have
large RIRs (ARIN, APNIC, RIPE) keep one class-A on reserve ready for new
allocations and when they begin allocating from such block, then there
would be 6 month or year in advance notice about next block that allocation
would be made from. Such policy of having one "extra" class-a allocated to
RIRs should be discussed by either ICANN ASO or by yet-to-be-formed NRR
(number resource registry).