Operational issue: Mae-west

Dave Rand wrote:

The good folks at MFS, in their continuing attempted at making
mae-west a more interesting place to attempt to peer, are doing yet
more unscheduled upgrades. The latest is their attempt to add more
cross connected capacity in the form of an OC3 to giga5. When they
attempted this (in an unannounced upgrade this morning), of course
everything melted, and we enjoyed packet loss up to 75% this morning
to most of our peers.

If anyone can get MFS's attention, could you please remind them about
mae-west@nsipo.arc.nasa.gov? It's a good way to let people at mae
west know about what's going on.

We're told by MFS half an hour ago that the problem truck has been taken
out, and we have have stablility by 10:30 PST. We're still asking for
a better answer.