OpenSource IPTV and VoD Solution

Hello Guys
i'm looking for a solution to stream diferent DVB transponders through RTSP
VLC look like complicated a bit
i use MumuDVB for Multicasting
but i didn't found anything for RTSP
any help Would by welcome
thank you
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Have a look at RTMPD [1]. Although it is mainly RTMP, it supports RTSP.


thank you for that
is a rtsp server no problem
but how do i stream Live DVB traffic through it ?
Thank you

To be honest I haven't followed its development closely lately (although I contribute occasionally with
networking related patches and improvements) so I can't answer that, but you should be able to send
your stream to RTMPD using either MumuDVB or VLC, then demux it to as many (hundreds or even
thousands, it is *that* good) clients as you need.

I should have pointed you to the wiki [1] and the mailing list [2], sorry.




I don't know if it meets your requirements but there is DVBlast:


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But no rtsp

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Maybe LIMBOS ( ) would work for you?
It seems to be instructions for DVB-H reception on Linux and using VLC to relay to the Darwin Streaming Server.
Looks like you just can't get away from VLC.