OpenAI access blocked

If there’s somebody that knows which geo list Open AI uses (or somebody from Open AI is on the list) - can you please contact me off list.

Our ranges seem to have been blocked from accessing the API and platform management tools. We can access the chat demos, but that is all.

Regardless of the account or authentication data we get the “oops” screen, which from reading the forums looks like a geo / vpn blocker message.

With all respect to the many helpful people that normally reply with Pro forma responses:

  1. Our data is all correct with all the sites listed on the Brothers WISP geo page
  2. We do not provide VPN / TOR exit nodes or anything else - it’s just a corporate network
  3. We’ve not seen any attack traffic or any other reason that would justify Open AI blocking us.
  4. This is a sudden change (our environments have used Open AI API’s for a long time)


Tell them you know where John Connor is, and all APIs will open up :slight_smile: