Open source tool for network map visualization

Hi all,

I was looking for an open source tool to visualize our network infrastructure in a world map including also our link utilization.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,


Greylog has a feature to visualize attacks/threats on a map visualized by syslog messages being sent by IDS systems like snort/suricata. If either of those are deployed at your locations then you can get a map for each location among number of threats detected.

Just a simple related mapping feature.

A little simple, but maybe Network Weathermap?

Tom Krenn
Network Architect

With some tuning of your variables, it's really easy to automate a very useful topographical network diagram from practically any source of data. You do need to make sure that you think about that topography, however. Do you care about individual links in a LAG? Or could you aggregate those into a single link, with a click URL that 'drills down' to another specific map for that router/data centre/metro?

My only bugbear would be that there's no 'easy' way to overlay it on a world map *and* have the fidelity needed to view it all at a distance (like on a NOC screen). The choices above would only go so far, and you'd eventually find yourself with a lot of screens in the NOC just for maps.

Something like a Google Earth overlay would be wonderful, but I never found myself capable and/or with sufficient time to make that real. Other (commercial) products have no doubt done something like that.