Online games stealing your bandwidth

Even if we had
ISP supporting caches, there is always the problem getting p2p clients
to support them (given they often are too busy trying to circumvent).

I fail to see the point. If an ISP needs to add caches they may
as well just add a simple, cheaper, standard, http cache.

No special clients required, no fiddling to make locality work
and no extra, expensive in some architectures, last mile traffic


It's a bang-per-buck issue, and depends highly on whether your
particular network sees more HTTP or P2P traffic. If HTTP is 60%
of your traffic, an http cache makes sense. If P2P is 70% and
HTTP is 20%, it probably doesn't make sense.

And the only numbers that matter here are what *you* measure
at the point you intend to install the cache - I've seen so many
conflicting numbers for different parts of the net that no firm
conclusions can be drawn.