One alternative to CIDR... ASAP

People keep sending me e-mail asking for my ideas on alternatives to
    renumbering and CIDR. Here is a very rough strawman idea just
    posted to the CIDRD-WG. There are similar variations on this
    ASN routing paradigm that also could be considered:

I'd suggest that those considering this proposal also peruse the archives of
the IPAE mailing list, since IPAE (IP Address Encapsulation) was, at least in
its earlies form, precisely this - a mechanism for encapsulating IP addresses
in such a way as to create an inter-AS routing scheme using a separate, 32-bit
address space.

If memory serves, there have also been other earlier proposals for doing
AS-to-AS routing using either a separate address space or using IP options -
I believe the Big-Internet mailing list archives contains volumnous discussion
of these techniques.

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