once again, network hardware vendors spamming...

Anyone else gotten mail from John Lucania at atlantixglobal.com today?

He lists his phone numbers as:

770.582.7248 Direct
404.287.2603 Cell

Why not give him a ring (preferably on his cell phone, maybe tonight?)
and tell him what you think of spammers? :slight_smile:


You can always excuse you are reading his add from the other
side of the globe and did not know it was night over there :slight_smile:


Robert E. Seastrom wrote:

Dear Robert;

I feel that this is not appropriate for this list.

Anyone on this list might have valid or nefarious reasons to wish to DOS someone else. This
list is not an appropriate means of organizing that.

I have not received such mail.

I have no way of verifying whether or not you have.

I don't know J.L. and don't even see him as a contributor to this list.

Now, I know you, but there are way too many people on this list to know them all, or for them to
all know you (or me, or anyone else). And, email addresses can be spoofed. And, not everyone reads NANOG
faithfully all the time, so a spoof might not be detected for some time.

I think you can see the potential for mischief here.



I just crushed John's foot accidently with my chair, so he wants to know if
we're even?