On the subject of spam...

Thought this might be of some interest since we've been talking about spam
lately (I personally like the bit about "net cops" :slight_smile:
Full headers included for your amusement.


> Our staff has spent millions of advertising dollars on our clients' behalf;
> everything from commercials on the Superbowl to ads in the New York Times,
> to full page spreads in Scientific American.; not to mention the sending
> of over 1,000,000 marketing faxes a year for major corporations.

Remeber how the FBI in the 50's discovered it was easier to convict Mafia
leaders for income tax evasion than for murder? Maybe it is easier to
have these guys put away for false advertising than for spamming. The
above paragraph sounds too good to be true...

> advertise and sell their products literally overnight. We employ 18 people,
> and I guarantee you that when you E Mail us back, you'll get a call.
> Right away. And the office phone number we give you, will have a live
> person at the other end.

I guess he hasn't heard what millions of irate junk email recipients can
do to a telephone line....

> company name, and phone number, or may also call us directly at
> (805) 654-4042. Thank you.


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