On Internet and social responsibility

Joe --

I'm not calling in question their right to publish; what i'm saying that
this crap was going on for years, and nobody cared.

BTW, if you look at the First Ammendment protections closer, they are not
guaranteeing absolute right of free speech. Learn the American law before
you invoke it to defend your point of view.

I'm tired of absolutists who cannot see that there's no such thing as
absolute good or absolute evil. Speech can be very dangerous. This is
a conflict of ideologies, not nations or religions. What do you think is
ideology - if not speech? How do you suppress ideology if you let it
spread unhampered?

Violence is bad? Vote for dissolution of police, if you _really_ mean
that. But don't take the "my hands is clean" high moral ground. It is
_your_ guilt, too, for being lazy to learn what is going on, and failing
to elect a goverment with a clue, not the bumbling idiot with a Texan
accent and vocabulary of a fifteen-years-old.

That site was spreading lies for a long time and is well-known in Russia
as an example of American hypocrisy. I was reminded of it when i looked
at today's very sarcastic piece by one poplular TV commentator (Mike
Solovyev, the anchor of "Odnako" ("But..") prime-time daily show watched
by a hundred million people).

[Transcript follows]
  ...Besides, Shamil Basaev is not only a cannibal, but also a very
  keen politologist making in his cave precise analysis of political

  <video of Shamil Basaev leaving in a bus with hostages>

  The web-site Kavkaz.org published a special message from Shamil
  Basaev regarding the air attacks on Washington and New-York. Mr.
  Basaev says that "Russia is behind this terrorist attack. The goal
  of this attack is to undermine might of USA, discredit the idea of
  the national anti-missile defense initiative, and cause USA to
  lose its status of super-power."

  Chechen politologists are wishing to provoke clash of America and
  Russia: just for a second imagine that everyone believed this
  Chechen propaganda about "hand of Moscow" - what should be the
  answer from the other side of the ocean? You know.

    [allusion to the nuclear war, for those unfamiliar with
     Soviet idiomas -- avg].

  After what happened, the Western authorities should've knocked
  that site down, it is physically located in the America, and
  change their view of Chechen propaganda in general. Because
  otherwise it seems that bin Laden is a cannibal, with any means
  good to get him down, but his Chechen comrades-in-arms still need
  delicacy and respect. This is the message we get by watching this
  site staying up after September 11th.


  This Wednesday I expressed concern that after the initial shock
  they'll talk, talk, and forget the whole thing - you know, deeds
  are forgettable, body's fattening. But now it looks like
  everything is funnier. To forget something you need to learn
  something first. Judging by dithering of various officials they
  didn't learn anything, so they have nothing to forget.
[end of transcript]

Here's how America looks from outside. A bunch of incompetents and

And i am tired of telling my Russian correspondents to stuff their "they
asked for it" postures you know where. Because i know that Americans are
not really hypocritic, just terribly ignorant.