On-going Internet Emergency and Domain Names

It is uncommon for one single solution to be entirely correct to the point
of not benefitting from other steps.

Everybody locks their doors and windows at home ... right? (maybe not)

We maintain a police department to deter bands of thugs from roaming the
streets breaking into every house they pass.

You may have an alarm system installed at your house, to notify someone
when something is amiss.

You may even harden your house in other ways (better locks, laminate on
the windows, etc) to make it harder to penetrate.

Not one of these steps is by itself a major deterrent to crime, but when
taken together, it is reasonably effective at making a would-be intruder
go elsewhere.

The Internet is a new challenge, and Gadi is right in saying that security
is dependent on others, since your neighbor's resources can be turned on
you. However, the smart money is still on taking more steps than just
relying on policing the core, or the community, or whatever.

... JG