On-going Internet Emergency and Domain Names

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Would love to arguments to the contrary.

<Are there any similarities between the current system involving DMCA
takedown notices/counterclaims and what's being posited?


I'm not so great with trick questions, but I'm sure you asked it
for a very goos reason,

Care to expand?

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Well, one reads about a) overly broad DMCA claims and b) overly broad DMCA takedowns (oftentimes with no direct causation between the two), and then a counterclaim process which seems to be somewhat ad hoc in nature, often inefficient, and sometimes ineffective.

I'm wondering if there are any lessons, positive or negative, to be drawn from the DMCA experience which may be relevant when discussing the desirability/efficacy/workability/potential for abuse/possible collateral damage/legal liabilities of a domain takedown regime?