oh, for goodness' sake.

Michael Dillon wrote:

One of the stated uses of .INT is for international databases and that
seems to be the reason that the reverse DNS for IPv6 is under .INT rather
than .ARPA. Of course it may not be too late for IPv6 to be changes and
for all important infrastructure info to be moved to .ARPA. We could even
rationalize things somewhat, i.e.

NET.ARPA for IP netblock whois info
RIPE.NET.ARPA |-queries to NET.ARPA will be redirected to one of these
RS.ARPA - route servers
IANA.ARPA - IANA databases such as MIBs, port assignments

Quoted from RFC 1032:

      "ARPA" is a temporary domain. It is by default appended to the
      names of hosts that have not yet joined a domain. When the system
      was begun in 1984, the names of all hosts in the Official DoD
      Internet Host Table maintained by the NIC were changed by adding
      of the label ".ARPA" in order to accelerate a transition to the
      domain-naming system. Another reason for the blanket name changes
      was to force hosts to become accustomed to using the new style
      names and to modify their network software, if necessary. This
      was done on a network-wide basis and was directed by DCA in DDN
      Management Bulletin No. 22. Hosts that fall into this domain will
      eventually move to other branches of the domain tree.

IN-ADDR.ARPA. is an obvious exception (reasoning in RFC 973), but I
think it's clear that the above info has no place being put in ARPA.

My vote's for NIC.INT. I'm still searching for the correct RFC on INT
rules to see if that's appropriate, however.


Personally, I feel that with the new TLD's coming online, IMHO, there's no
reason why one more couldn't be added JUST FOR stuff like RIPE and ARIN
and the internic. And the Root servers, etc.

Maybe .NIC or .REG or .CORE or .... ?

Set the requirements so that only those organizations providing "core"
internet services, which if break we're all screwed at least somewhat, can
get a delegation under them.

I can see one of the questions on the allocation form:

8) Estimate the number of messages which will be generated on the nanog
list if your existing Domain was placed in hold status.

- Forrest W. Christian (forrestc@imach.com)

how about .RIPE, or .ARIN, or .HELP, or

Cheers, Andy!

.... .NET?



Why it's so many noise around the very simple problem. INTERNET community
hired some companies to provide name, address, and other very important
services, and allow to get their profit by doing this. What's a problem
fo fix some free-of-charge resources such as RIPE.NET, INTERNIC.NET and
other domains. Is it so difficult to develop the rules and conditions for
this (short) set of important domains, or exactly for this set of

> and the internic.

how about .RIPE, or .ARIN, or .HELP, or

Cheers, Andy!

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