[off-topic] old NSFNET regionals?

Network Contact in 1990, where are they now?

    > OARNET Alison Brown, Michael Fidler, Jeff Grumpf
    Alison Brown left in 1994/early 95 when apparently she wanted to
    commercialize OARnet (i can't confirm, but have been told..).. OSU
    fought it and she got mad and left. No idea where she is now.
    Jeff Gumpf (spelled Gumpf) :slight_smile: now is a big cheese at Case Western
    Reserve Univ (CWRU.Edu).
    I've never heard of Michael Fidler.
Last I heard Michael Fidler was at Mitre.

---Cathy (who brought up the original CICNet T1's)

Mike is still at MITRE.

Last I heard, Alison was with ISI at their DC area office, but that is 2nd
hand rumor.

(once upon a time at SDSC)