[off-topic] old NSFNET regionals?

Tung-Hui Hu supposedly said:

Does anyone remember the NSF-sponsored regional networks? Can you fix
this table--this is off the top of my head so I am missing a few networks.

Name Region NOC was or is at Now

SURAnet Southeast US Univ MD BBN SER
NEARnet Northeast US MIT? BBN NER
PREPnet Pennsylvania PSC merged w/ CICnet
BARRnet Bay Area Stanford? Berkeley? BBN WR
CERFnet? South Calif SDSC TCG
CICnet Midwest ? merged w/ PREPnet
Merit Michigan U Mich
JvNCnet Middle states Princeton bought by verio
NYSERnet New York ?
THEnet Texas U Texas


-Tung-Hui Hu

I am sure many of us remember them all too well. The original NSFnet
backbone consisted of 6 sites (each of the 5 supercomputer centers and
NCAR) which was about 85 or 86. Then in 87 or 88 the network was
redesigned and upgrade to a T1 network. The number of site rose to 13
including the 5 supercomputer centers, Merit, NCAR, BARRNet, MIDnet,
Westnet, NorthWestNet, SESQUINET, and SURAnet. NYUSERNet and JVNCnet we
hooked in but were not officially part of the backbone. (they happened to
be headquartered at two of the supercomputer sites so they got lucky)
In 1990 or so the backbone was upgraded to T3's and NEARNET, Argonne
National Lab, and SURAnet were added to bring the net up to 16 nodes.

This was a brief history of where things were before the end of the NSFnet
in 1994 and the transition to the three NAP points.

See http://nic.merit.edu/nsfnet

for more infor than you probably want.

---> Phil