Off Topic: ISP's in Pakistan?

Hi all,

I have a customer that is located in Pakistan and is looking for a
reasonably priced connectivity option. He says he currently has a "16kbps
(CIR) Frame Relay link to AT&T's global FR cloud" and is paying (gasp!)
$1550 per month for it. Their last-mile link is Spread Spectrum radio. He
also tells me that 48kbps-CIR means paying (cringe!) $4440/month.

I know the NA in "NANOG" does not quite cover Pakistan, but if anyone has a
contact over there that might be able to assist, please respond to me


Dan Mitchell
Internet Systems Engineer - Boston
AllegianceInternet /
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i built an ISP in Karachi last year, and those prices don't sound out of line.

you should note that any service based on "public airwaves" should be avoided,
as the bulk of the 900Mhz/2.4Ghz space is completely in use.

if you'd like, i can make an introduction to the people i work with.