Oct. 3, 2018 EAS Presidential Alert test

Interesting. That seems to be a gigantic hole in this entire process. I do have my iPhone set to WiFi Calling as AT&T’s signal has trouble reaching inside our building very well.

FEMA also notes:

A dedicated mailbox has been created for all questions relating to the IPAWS National Test. Please e-mail us at FEMA-National-Test@fema.dhs.gov.

I e-mailed them with my results as well. Might be worth considering sending a report to that address yourself if you didn’t receive it. If our friend Kim lobs a rocket this way for some reason, I’d kinda like to know about it before the sky turns orange. :slight_smile:

Awesome, I'm looking forward to hearing about all the locations a
nationwide test was and was not received in.


Received on iPhone 7/iOS 12 on Sprint in SE Michigan.

Weirdly, I received 3. One of them is both French/English.

More weirdly i am in the air, on the way from Nanog Vancouver to Denver. We were still in Canada airspace, and my AT&T phone showed clearly “no service”. The phone was NOT on wi-fi.

Screen captures if anyone wants.

Iphone, vzw, silicon valley, rcvd.

Interesting question though… I wonder if people on micro-cells and/or wifi calling don’t get the alerts. That would be extremely dumb and irresponsible of the cell phone carriers, so its likely the case :slight_smile:

In rural America where cell coverage may not exist but the customer may have PTMP wireless internet and is using a microcell and/or wifi calling over the internet, if they dont get the alert, that could be catastrophic. Something along the lines of the Santa Rosa, CA fires catastrophic.

I wonder if that is the case.


I did receive the alert on samsung devices: note 8 (tmobile), note 3 (no sim card/no service), and galaxy s6 (verizon)
~12:18 MDT (GMT-6)

I work underground so I’m in airplane mode with WiFi calling enabled. Nothing on Verizon Android.

I received it on my iPhone XS Max running iOS 12.0 with AT&T, wifi calling off...

Can we stop spamming this list?

I don’t care if you received the alert or not. Contact the FCC or the whitehouse.

Got it on both AT&T and Verizon iPhones in New England.


AT&T Android in Virginia. I received it.

The Washington Post is reporting that, "A number of iPhone users on
AT&T’s network did not receive the notification until they had
rebooted their smartphones."

Bill Herrin

Very possible, I have two phones on a AT&T micro-cells and both missed it.


Received on Android on Sprint here in Colorado

Geoff Mulligan
CTO IIoT @ Jabil

Anecdotally, we had staff feeding off of both AT&T and VZW IP-based
metrocells get the alert message.


Alert received on Sprint in the Indianapolis area. I was on a phone call at the time [note that my handset doesn't do VoLTE - not sure if any Sprint handsets will at this time], and the alert was deferred until the call was terminated at approximately 14:30 EDT but was displayed immediately once that happened.

I got it on ATT IPhone I have and a Verizon Pixel as well.

My son who has a Canadian line got it while in the Washington state area.


Dennis S

I got it, but not until 14.34. For a system that's supposed to be able
to warn people of incoming nuclear attack, that seems unacceptably
Ar Mer, 3 Hyd 2018 am 14:52 Andy Ringsmuth <andy@andyring.com> ysgrifennodd:

Received at roughly 12:15 Pacific time, AT&T / IOS / Berkeley CA.