OC3 Transit Service in New York

Please excuse me if this is not a right list to ask such questions, but...

I am a network manager for NetVision, an Israeli ISP. We have a couple of
locations in US which primary purpose is getting transit services from
US ISPs. One of these ISPs is Teleglobe and we have an OC3 transit
connection at 60 Hudson, New York. For the past couple of months we are
growing discontent with service levels received from them and are looking
for an alternative provider to work with.

ISPs considered so far are C&W, Global Grossing and Qwest. Could someone
comment on their network services, customer service, technical skills of
their staff, etc. Any other real life experience with the above ISPs is
welcome. Especially I am interested in information about Global Grossing
because of their very attractive proposal. (I did not mention UUNet
because we are already connected to them).

Recommendations for other ISPs are welcome.

Also, I would like to know about other people's experience with Teleglobe.



P.S. I know that NANOG stands for North American, but can someone
recommend an ISP in Brussels, Belgium (except UUNet) to buy a transit OC3
from? Thanks again.

depending on your budget (and an OC3 from isreal can't be cheap), you might
look at getting your own pipe to NY, and then getting whatever you want from

have a look at http://www.flag.bm, as they have pipe running quite closely
to isreal.

It seems that my e-mail generated many sales offers and this was not my
intention. (naive ?)

I just wanted to know what opinion do people have about ISPs listed
below. How do they rate those ISPs in terms of technical competence of
their staff, promptness when dealing with emergency issues like DoS
attacks, number of major network outages and routing issues, customer
service availability, etc.

Also, as I mentioned earlier we are having some troubles with Teleglobe
and I wanted to hear other people's stories. Am I the only one dealing
with Teleglobe's unprofessional service or are there others?



I would try staying away from Qwest as I, myself, have recently become
quite dis-enchanted with them as of late.

Two specific instances...

I lost a Qwest T1 in the Houston, TX area when there was severe flooding
in the area a couple of months ago. Apparently the POP took some damage
and DOWN my circuit went. It was a full month before service to that line
was restored. Fortunately I had a second T1 with another provider to fail
over to.

I also have a 10mb circuit (Fractional DS3) in London that I lost service
to for about 36 hours. When the circuit finally came back up there was no
one who could give me an intelligible explanation on how it happened, why
it happened, and if it would happen again.

That doesn't inspire much confidence.

Good luck in your search.