OC-768 availability?


I am currently running a network of cisco 2621s with the OC-192 NM for my upstream connections. The internal network links are a mixture of K56Flex modems and GRE tunnels.

I am looking to upgrade to OC-768 real soon now and am wondering what the prospects are for OC-768 availability on the 2621 platform. I've found the 2621 to be rock-solid, except when I ping it, so I'd like to keep my network on that platform if possible.

In addition, if anyone knows the availability of OC-768 circuits between the following cities I'd appreciate any fiber maps and an approximate price range:
Ottawa, ON, CA
Midland, ON, CA
Goderich, ON, CA
Toronto, ON, CA
Compton, CA, US

At each site I plan to announce a /24 from a /20 I was allocated so if everyone could please update their prefix filters now that would be great.

Thank you.

-- Dalph Roncaster

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Seriously, I don't see OC768 coming online en masse until they get the kinks worked out of optical switching. The transit times are so short thru the innards, in the order of picoseconds, that electronics is way too slow to perform such mundane tasks like determining where a packet is supposed to go.
Thus, all this will require optical computing to be available cheaply and a lot more widespread than it is now. Cross your fingers and hope for a quantum breakthrough...
OC192 is already pushing the limits of present technology.
And add to that, the sorry state of the major players in telecom, and I don't think you'll see them willing to pony up an investment in something like that until it's well established.
A typical egg/chicken situation......

Not a problem, available at Disneyland, visit the gift shop while u r there for those OC768 card for the cisco 2621.

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Sorry all I couldnt resist :wink:

Wasn't one of the major switch companies working on a system of bubbles.
<seriously> I'm not sure if it was foundry or Juniper or who but
someone was trying to route packets or rather switch packets in a device
at high speed by using bubbles to reflect and switch the light instead
of converting to electrons.

You know, I'd be interested in one of the cisco 1605's with an oc48 wicc
for home use. If you've got a spaire. I only want a /29's worth of ip
space but be sure that you announce it to all your peers and make
everyone accept the /29 even if its tagged no-export. Better yet, I'd
like each individual /32 in the /29 prepended differently.

HP was working on a "buble" switching device, I think the project's


...and :

a) Someone got the money to buy the gear

b) We have used the current capacity (see a).

- kurtis -

I believe Junpier does have a OC-768 interface under testing if I'm not

Signal received 0. Kurt Erik Lindqvist <kurtis@kurtis.pp.se> said:

FYI, the technology seems like it might be available at the component level
(dated 3/2002)


http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/020430/sftu082_1.html (april 2002?)

http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/pcat/15808.htm (7/13/2002)

Deepak Jain

I believe many are working on it, but I haven't seen/heard of much progress since I learned of this, some 4 years ago now..
Add to that the bandwidth glut with all the DWDM and I guess they've got breathing room...

And my question is that a real oc768 or a Sears oc768. Like Cisco, sure
its a gig E port but oh wait, you wanted to use it for more than 200