NYT on Thing.net

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The upstream (Air2net?) basically shrugged their shoulders. Fries
went to the upstream's upstream while at the same time he mounted

Air2net was a transit customer of KPNQwest (and not a reseller as Flashback claimed) and it was to them Flashback turned when they got cut off the first time. Air2net however only had presence in Gothenburg and wanted to connect their customer to KQs network, which we refused (actually first we did not know this was Flashback). Flashback then turned directly to KQ but we declined to offer services. Then he went on to other ISPs. Worth noting is that KQ didn't impose any restrictions on transit customers, but none of the (then very few though) transit customers accepted Flashback as customer.

Karlskrona city lawyer, the Swedish association of ISPs (I forget
its name; something like the Dutch NLIP, a non-mandatory,

SOF, I am the current chairman.

non-regulatory private body in which all major and many minor
ISPs are represented) took up the issue. At first they issued
some kind of statement saying that they had all agreed to refuse
nazi content and anybody carrying it. Later they took that back
and refused to comment. Since they are a private body, nobody
can force them to show their minutes (and nobody has leaked them
so far). The end result was that not one single ISP was willing
to host Flashback and Axelsson got a rather remarkable collection
of subterfuges, "not in, he'll will call you" from people who
never called, unreplied letters and the like.

To my knowledge SOF have never issued a joint statement on anything except the Swedish Spam-law. I was not at that SOF meeting but the minutes are public and on the web. From what I know the subject was discussed very briefly and never made it into the minutes (which I agree is bad though).

Flashback made complaints to a number of government bodies, all of who cleared the issue. I do not recollect that this would have been due to "not enough evidence" but I don't have the copies of the notes anymore.

Anyway, this discussion will always be biased one way or the other. I think that summary of Zenons and my mails probably is as close to the truth as you will get. Conclusions will depend on your political views and on which side of the table you sit. The topic that started this was discussions on ISPs role on judging content. The Swedish ISPs have had more reason to discuss recently due to child-porn, neo-nazi web-sites and TV decoders than we ever had with Flashback.

- kurtis -