NYT on Thing.net (fwd)

(Zenon isn't on Nanog and asked me to forward this)


That's not true at all - private enterprises are subject to a myriad of
laws and regulations.

This is why ISPs should be treated as common carriers - just like telcos.
The primary characteristic of common carriers is that they HAVE TO serve
all customers except under very tightly controlled circumstance, like a
court order against on obscene caller. Everyone is protected - the telcos
can't tell you who you can and can't call or what you can say on a phone
conversation, and at the same time the telcos are not liable for what you
say. Common carrier status is typically associated with heavy regulation,
but it need not be.

Governments have already conclusively demonstrated that they're not
competent to decide what traffic belongs on my network. How long has
it been, and still not only no law against spam but not even a
definition of one. Better to leave the control of what traffic passes
over my network to me.