NYC update, etc

Please excuse the operational nature of this posting, but there are a
few news items I'd like to share. This message is void of political
arguments and wild, unwarranted speculation, and as such, some of you
might find it uninteresting.

- Genuity has opened a SEV 0 ("multiple sites down"; see NOC tour
  video for explanation of varying severity levels) ticket for NYC.
  For more info:


- 111 8th Avenue and 60 Hudson Street are operating normally on
  utility power. Both of these locations are mostly unmanned, and
  obtaining physical access may be tough.

- 25 Broadway, NYC (Telehouse) is without utility power, and has been
  running off generator since around 4pm yesterday. They expect their
  current fuel supply to last 20+ hours. Additional fuel has been
  secured, though transporting it into the city might be difficult.

  There are techs currently on site.

- Unconfirmed rumors of 34 Exchange Place in Jersey City, NJ (home to
  numerous important financial co's and Exodus) being evacuated.

- Reports indicate that there were power/HVAC issues at 32 Old Slip,
  NYC, now resolved. Multiple dialup providers are reporting that all
  their PRI's are down.

- There have been talks of evacuating 300 Boulevard East in Weehawken,
  NJ (Level3, EXDS, etc), but I'm not sure if any action's been taken.

- I took some digital photos on the Jersey City waterfront, in hopes
  of giving folks a better idea of what's going on. They're viewable
  at <>.

  I'll try to update this directory tree periodically. If you're
  interested in mirroring it, drop me a line off-list.

- Mitch Halmu <> and <> remain
  subscribed to this list, despite posts made that are not only in
  violation of this list's charter, but are outright sickening.


power/HVAC issues appear to be continuing, though things are operational at
this time. Temp appears to be rising again slightly on our monitoring.
Power issue is still unclear, but things have been up for >12 hours now.

PRI were down due to ILEC trunks being down? Some connectivity has been
restored as we are seeing users online at this pop at this time, though
we've been told that only limited areas are back in service. First login
was around 11:00 EST this morning after being down most of last night.


It appears that generator power, at least inside the ibeam POP, at 100
william street (right next to "one silicon alley plaza") was lost a few
hours ago. I have no reports of anyone inside the building, and have not
been able to get status from anyone who knows, but have gear that went dark
out there. Best we've been able to tell, they ran out of fuel.


Our PRI's came up at GNAPS 32 Old Slip about 1:00. Our T1 to actually use
them is down. WCOM says our circuit is on a T3 in the zone, and not to
expect it any time soon.

I'm running on ISDN back-up -- Old PM2 with a BRI carded dialed in to my
PM3s there. Gotta love old tech.

I still can't dial our Poughkeepsie number (Lata 132), Vinnie's post not
withstanding, but that might be inter-lata routing.

Don't know how long the fuel will hold out though.


Not sure what you mean by:

"Our T1 to actually use them is down"

If all you need is bandwidth at 32 Old Slip, that should be really easy to
fix. Call Matt (see Vinnie's post) or your usual GNAPs contacts later this
If you need to chat about it NOW, I'm still up and at GNAPs in Quincy and
will be reachable even later (just let it ring - it follows me). I just
can't change cables 200 miles away.

VP Technology
Global NAPs