number of unaggregated class C's in swamp?

Seems to me like the logical place to start renumbering, if that's going
to be forced, is by outlawing new CIDR block exceptions - if you switch
providers you renumber. It's a hateful approach in that it raises the
barrier to new providers entering the market, but it's more understandable
to customers.

The next step would seem to be outlawing *existing* CIDR block exceptions.
Give up your portable numbers and get back under the provider's umbrella.

We renumbered a group of machines by hand once. Not an experience any of us
want to repeat. Flag Day turned into Flag Week! At least if you're
switching to another provider you have the chance of running with
two addresses on each machine for a month or two. Has a chance of being
managed less disruptively.

Would be nice if everybody supported DHCP. Reprogram the server then go
shut off the main circuit breaker :wink: Anybody care to bet when that will
actually happen?

Ugh. Renumbering is *NOT* going to be popular.

-- Walt