number of unaggregated class C's in swamp?

Date: Fri, 29 Sep 1995 20:16:54 -0400
From: Dennis Ferguson <>
The one thing that hasn't been done, however, is to set an actual
goal for routing efficiency.


I'd like to state my guess that a good number to aim at might be
about 1200 routes per fully-utilized class-A-sized chunk of address
space. This would put the IPv4 end state at a maximum of about 250,000
routes, ...
I like the idea of measuring each and every class-A-sized block
against some standard separately, since a lot of the class-C space has
been allocated to regional registries this way and it inconveniences
those places which have done the best the least. I'm less attached to
the number 1200 in particular, but I do think an explicit target should
be chosen which represents both a tractable limit to design big routers for
and which allows the implementation of efficient address allocation strategies
which won't have to be tighened over time.

I suggest that it be 2048 for each _pair_ of class As, since that's how
they were assigned in RFC-1366 & 1466.
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