NSP ... New Information

Isn't the biggest problem with PI space having a big enough network so
Sprint and everyone else doesn't filter you? Specifically a /19 or larger
(~ 8000 addresses)? Can you justify to them 32 Class C's so you can be
seen everywhere? I know of another startup provider who had this problem.
Its a chicken and egg scenario. They needed to sell connectivity, but
couldn't reach portions of the net, specifically Sprint. Kind of kills
your marketing when you can't get to the entire 'Net. How do others deal
with this scenario in a startup environment, or even an established
environment where you can't justify 8000 addresses yet?


Renumber a lot. It is hard for the Internic to hand out /19 when most of
the new providers will be out of business in 6 months. The only way to do
it is to get space from your ISP and then renumber if you move. After you
do that a few times if you do it will, you will be able to get a /19 and
then /18 and so on.

Nathan Stratton President, NetRail,Inc.