NSI Bulletin 098-008 | New Registration Agreement

Scott Bradner wrote:

(can not put this in a router but .... )

> >So, are we going to get refunds?

> If the class action allegations are upheld in court, yes

minus the lawyer's fee & distribution expenses - I'd guess that means
you will get about $0.14 for each domain.

If a class action suit against NSI were won, I doubt NSI would not be able to
deduct legal expenses from the judgement against them.

I think Scott was referring to the lawyers representing the Class, not the
defendants. Typically in cases like this, the class' lawyers make a
boatload of money while the members of the class get back a small fraction
of what they had originally lost. In other cases the losses suffered
by each member of the class are minimal when taken individually... Did
you buy a computer monitor between 1991 and 1995? Did you collect your
$13? Your lawyers got $6 Million. (The especially nasty cases are the
ones where the lawyers negotioate a nice hefty fee for themselves
while the class ends up with a bunch of coupons for products or services
they didn't want in the first place...)

Some cynics would alledge that some lawyers form class-action suits to
make a lot of money- not because they want to see some large injustice


(All IMHO...)

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NSI would not. But the crack legal team put together to pursue the class
action will take a hefty sum. Leaving you with pretty much nothing.

Remember the class action against intel over the pentium bug? Lawyers took
home ~4 million. Pentium users got $2.00 each, if they registed with the
lawyers. Ironically, before the suit was even filed, Intel had given a new
pentium replacement, free to anyone who asked.