NSI bulletin 097-003 | Zone file access

Effective immediately, Network Solutions will no longer make the .COM, .NET
and .ORG zone files anonymously available via our ftp site at
rs.internic.net. It has become apparent that these files are being used by
spammers and domain speculators for purposes other than that for which they
were intended. Network Solutions will make the files available to any
organization that can demonstrate a technical need for the information. We
have already contacted hundreds of groups who do use this information and
given them passwords. Other organizations that feel that they need to
receive this data may apply for access by sending email to
hostmaster@internic.net. The email message should contain the following
information :

- A subject line stating "Zone file access"

- A statement indicating they would like to have access to copies of the
root zone files. This statement should indicate why they need the data

- Their contact information (NIC handle, name, postal address, phone # and
email address)

- They should also state any organizations that they are affiliated with so
that we can avoid assigning multiple accounts to one entity

We will be as timely as possible in responding.

Thank you.

David H. Holtzman
Sr VP Engineering, Network Solutions