NSI and competition to RIPE and APNIC

Carl writes:

And the outcome of all this affects every Nanog member. It affects every
network operator, every ISP, every sysop. It affects the 1.2 million
owners of the 1.2 million domain names in COM and NET and ORG. Every
network operator, every SIP, every sysop, every domain name owner, should
pay attention to all of this and speak up.

Carl, I don't think there are 1.2 million domain name registrants as many
domains (like CyberPromo, for example) has registered multiple domains names.

That being said, there is already an alternative in the county code domains.
There, the policies are different (though not necessarily better) than NSI.

That's not to say that the exising gTLD infrastructure does not need to
evolve. It must. I agree with you that those who are domain name registrants
in the current gTLDs have a stake in this evolution and should express a
thoughtful and constructive opinion on how this evolution should take place.
Unfortunately, some who have expressed opinions have chosen not to be
either thoughtful or constructive. I think some operators have been reluctant
to participate because of this.

It's no surprise that the signal-to-noise ratio degrades when those who
could supply some signal choose to let the noisemakers dominate the
discussion. My theory is that by injecting more signal, you can improve
the signal-to-noise ratio.

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