[nsf] internet traffic engineer shaping

don't mean to add noise but
agree this topic matters to nanog
(matters way more than folks have time for it, i know)

so, fwiw: the IEC project
  inspired by listening to ispfolks articulate
  these concerns for last few years)
in addition to relevant workshops/materials/
eventual.video.instruction online,
just announced an RFP (included below) for its newly
NSF-sponsored program to develop hands-on
Internet Teaching Labs (ITLs) using routers
and other equipment donated from vendors

one of criteria in selecting candidate schools is
existence of collaboration or mentoring relationships
between the faculty/school and an ISP or vendor

round 1 due sept 17; round 2 oct 15

Btw, it's only 70% true - it's possible to get ANY hand labs based on the:

PC/486,16RAM,300HD, FreeBSD + 2 Async + 2 Ethernet
mrtd (or gated), nat daemon, firewall daemon, ppp daemon


Through it's more difficult to prepare such labs, the only things it's
difficult to explore by this way are: VoIP, ATM, VLANs, and different
exotic (as IBM, AplleTalk etc etc).

And the lack of the simple interpreting language (perl-class) with