NR Software\Xeex Communications

Does anyone know what's going on over there? Any not-front door phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc.? I haven't been getting responses from them for a while.

I know I'm going to be blowing the door wide open on this request, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else that was one of Equinix's first few customers. The deal I was getting on some services has been unrivaled, but the support I've received has been unrivaled in the not so pleasant way. It's time I just moved on. I need a vendor that responds at least within two weeks or 20 messages, whichever is more. (Twenty sounds like a lot, but when spread out over two weeks following other weeks of non-response, I don't think it's out of line.)

Equinix is truly one of the worst and over priced in Silicon Valley
California. It's why Coresite does so well here. Coresite has less than 48
hour cross connect completion and remote hands the same day for
non-emergencies. For rare emergencies you can rush remote hands and
Coresite staff gets in your rack right away.

We have been treated badly at PAIX PALO ALTO.

In their paix palo alto facility they had a bathroom pipe break -we took
photos- it rained "literally poured" on our rack. I had to tell the paix
staff to run next door at Walgreens and buy all the paper towels they
could until someone finds towels. Inches of water on the floor.

Zero help or responsibility- giant waste of time. They are still in denial
mode. Yet they paid the plumbers to repair the bathroom pipes that broke
and had about 5 techs pushing inches of water around.

We had to put in new gear and they never paid a dime - I think Equinix
doesn't have insurance and doesn't care about your protection even if
their facility fails. To our legal letter, their response was that our
own insurance should pay. Our insurance didn't want to hear about it,
because they cover customers and we had no customers gear involved.

Thank You
Bob Evans