Notice to IRRd operators

Hi there.
TC, a large IRR database focused on Brazilian networks, just changed its IP addresses. In most IRRd implementations it’s necessary to sighup the daemon to move to the new IP addresses, so we kindly ask those running public and private IRR instances to sighup in order to move to the new IP addresses.

The new addresses of are: has address has IPv6 address 2804:890:0:102::102 mail is handled by 10

The old machine will be up and serving mirroring requests until we see most, if not all, of requests being served by the new machine.


After the change, NTT IRR is correctly mirroring the new IP address (thanks for that), but and seem to be stuck with the old IP, and since the old IP address is non-authoritative (flag N), replication to those IRRs has in effect stopped.

So, if those two IRR operators could act on it, it would be nice.

Rubens (on behalf of TC)

Just to inform you that both RADB and Lumen are now in sync with TC again. Thanks to those who either contacted me or silently resolved the issue.