Nothing like viruses with bugs in them (Swen)

Here's what I use to eliminate trash on my personal incoming mail. (I
run NetBSD; I'm not likely to find .exe's useful...)

MIMEINFO=`/usr/pkg/bin/reformime -i`
* MIMEINFO ?? ^content-name:.+[~.](asd|bat|chm|cmd|com|dll|exe|hlp|hta|js|jse|lnk|ocx|pif|scr|shb|shm|shs|vb|vbe|vbs|vbx|vxd|wsf|wsh)$

No warranties, expressed or implied.

    --Steve Bellovin,

We are also filtering on the following content line:

*Run attached file. Choose Yes on displayed dialog box.*

It does run counter to the sentiments expressed in the mail sig though...

Related to Mr. Bellovin's latest note, how are operators (and abuse desks) dealing with the bizarre behavior of some recent mailers that send "forwards" as obviously W32-readable-only attachments?

--chuck goolsbee