All of the notes I have are completed. There are two notable omissions:

1. Jack Waters slides are not here. I don't have them.
2. Sean Doran's Transition slides are not here. They appeared to be cropped
along one side. I have asked Sean to take a look, but I have not heard more.

On Monday, I will package it all up for Merit to download for its
permanent home up there.

Until Merit does install them, they will remain avaialble at

Thanks for all the kind words from many of you. Even more thanks to the
presenters who made there slides available to me in machine readable format.
Monumental thanks to those presenters that translated their slides into
HTML before sending them to me. Those made the best looking pages of all.

If any of you notice any problems with the notes, please continue to let
me know and I will do my best to fix them.

I don't know if I will make the ISOC meeting. If I do, I will take notes
there as well unless otherwise instructed.